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Ccr bootleg lyrics - The correction And what is this Yup Green River might seem bit too short especially those who adore living hell out of like me. In any case see Willy clearcut of the actual musical value record being tremendously overrated favour its social

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These overblown chords and outof tune bass notes give me splitting headache. Born To Move is the one song hate here because it reminds me of mainstream socalled rock and roll somewhere around . And if we follow that line of reasoning then yes it easy to understand why Amazon has offered around hundred used copies record within less than month its release | Creedence Clearwater Revival - 40th Anniversary Editions ...

There are seven songs and two of them just long extended jams obviously stretched out in effort to fill up at least some space. Or one of the closers

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Creedence Clearwater Revival - John McFerrinYou get some very generic but funny bluegrass Rhubarb Pie with Fogerty metaphorically smuttily begging for the thing one usually begs from women terms of traditional bake items. aw hell you get my drift there s just so many things happening all over this record that it impossible to describe . For information reviewing principles please see the introduction. READER COMMENTS SECTION PENDULUM Year Of Release Record rating Overall significant change sound but this still quite listenable. And the voicewell never forget because sometimes your vocals are all that matter. well it does something to my subconscious because ve always adored immensely. Oh

Yuck Yes brothers and sisters this record had misfortune to be my first John Fogerty album. READER COMMENTS SECTION BLUE MOON SWAMP Year Of Release Overall rating An album that screams retro every track but it probably the best choice John could come up with. I remember taping it for quite lot of cash halfillegal way back so when the Iron Curtain still existed and you couldn yet pick up backed with Centerfield pirated edition approximately dollar both. Note that I m mentioning the lengthy jazz outro though one seems like completely different piece of work with some clever organwork going for lot time but never really seeming boring. These songs are really fast wellwritten funny and clever. The record opens with Old Man Down Road surprisingly eerie number that sounds like fully operational clone of Run Through Jungle indeed funny thing John was sued for plagiarizing himself but acquitted ground there could no such oneself. Fogerty however just attacks the youngsters bluntly with no traces of deeperor broaderlook accusing them precisely same that his teachers and parents must have been him fifty years ago

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Loaded in. Meanwhile Penthouse Pauper is another fantastic blues song with one of best vocal guitar interplays ve ever heard John really throttles his after each line about possible avatars now if were bricklayer wouldn build just anything and


  • On Cosmo Factory they just sound OK. But it doesn really work for me and the world Takes time to think. You are most welcome to update correct add information this page

    • CCR theorists would be particularly interested hearing new way John plays some of classic solos on Suzie Q and Put Spell You personally think that them different because forgotten how to old one rather than just wants renew but my own hostile opinion may . Or was it Fantasy Records that pressed them so hard on wings of their national and worldwide success any case no Superman to bring back past we ll just have accept things they are. Time has proved that was wrong but this album still gotta be worst try ever and it no wonder caused departure from the musical scene for another decade

  • Diehard fans of CCR will certainly want to add John Fogerty and Blue Moon Swamp their collection country gospel lovers would be proud Ridge Rangers. READER COMMENTS SECTION ALBUM REVIEWS BLUE RIDGE RANGERS Year Of Release Overall rating Tasty country and gospel covers done with gusto that famous Fogerty style. Since the original release of Rangers did not feature John name on cover eventually being credited to Blue Ridge seems that this offered us true debut album

  • Who needs an inferior rewrite of Hey Tonight Moreover Run Through The Jungle Wall But weirdest thing course is Sea Cruise one few old covers record that sounds just little too Richardish for me. Yeah and did tell you how much dig CrossTie Walker Not that it has great melody too realize nothing on here really matches the hooks of Green River Commotion but just good oldfashioned rocker adorned by some working grooves like marvelous descending riff two drum plates crashes after each verse

  • I think the key to CCR s secret lies their genial simplicity John and company demonstrated that you could be exceptionally good blues player without having turn your sixstring into monstrous riffing machine late Sixties hard rock or even worse complicated solo programming . And the result It great can repeat in my sleep most important of all has terrific drive which unfortunately is lacking on lot hardcore blues records

  • Best song MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Track listing Down The Corner It Came Out Of Sky Cotton Fields Poorboy Shuffle Feelin Blue Fortunate Don Look Now Side Road Effigy. Panning it however isn option either because can you something that has no bad songs Except for one which ll arriving minute

  • Aw man it s really needless to describe these tunes. Compilation Keep Chooglin More Hits Creedence Clearwater Revival Super Vol. Not to mention play better perhaps if these guys had only managed bring talents of such ace country players like Pete Drake or Sneaky Kleinow some numbers could have been saved

    • Well maybe they didn like Cosmo Factory too cause this hardly sounds CCR. Yet lightweight doesn mean poor whereas the sound is slightly less epic than cathartic power of Who ll Stop Rain Pendulum number speaks listener on more humble and close basis with no pretentions certain warmth depth that can only come from heart mind rich emotions expressivity Massa Fogerty . Truth be told this record could have been conceived written arranged mixed recorded distributed bought up listened panned trashed resold recycled and completely forgotten within measly hour period

  • The second is album only ambitious number In Garden massive heavy stomper with ridiculously simplistic scifi lyrics that sounds more like Hawkwind than anything remotely associated John Fogerty far. And finally just for completists who wouldn want to shed tears over the fact that album adds nothing essential their collection there new songthe title track unmemorable rocker with melody resembles most forgettable melodies off Centerfield lyrical matter suspiciciously close main themes Eye Zombie. Not to mention the song wonderful bounciness can you really resist it certainly cannot

    • Thus while neither of two songs present any musical advances and are in fact regression from slightly experimental style Pendulum they still both at least breath clean air. Well any song I guess that begins with the lines got latest software hardware too is bound suck ass

  • It s also movinga bit of confessional tune with Fogerty almost addressing the entire audience and you can feel scorn irony as chants out Wrote song for everyone couldn even talk to . READER COMMENTS SECTION CENTERFIELD Year Of Release Overall rating John most experimental and successful solo cut but again this more nostalgia for CCR. Aw whatever

  • And moreover this album was recorded in right after Tom Fogerty stole their rhythm guitar liner notes proudly proclaim CCR only live trio recording. tually it s as if Mardi Gras and Blue Ridge Rangers never happened

  • It s one thing to draw analogies between the past and present quite another out of for good which is exactly what John does Nobody Here Anymore lame superficial complaint about today generation Pepsi. Sure he did all that but then again AC DC change their sound little bit from some albums to others

    • I certainly could do with less technophilian arrangement the stupid robotic synths opening song are absolutely unnecessary but still stands out several heads above all other material here. And what have we got here No more lengthy boring jams almost covers the important thing practically generic selfwritten songs with different lyrics set to old melodies John songwriting talents matured point when could finally firmly grapple bluesrock country formula do something truly creative . Knock

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